Item: CH1HDRS2

Green Glass Mohawk Showgirl Drag Queen Headdress
13" high and 33" wide.

A Stunning mixed fancy Headdress that has been bult on a special wire construction.
Hand decorated with feathers all over the headdress.
100% Hand-crafted with high quality.
Light and comfortable to wear for Drag and All Stage entertainers.
Free Size - one fits all - adjustable.

THe craftsmanship is unbelieveable. Very sturdy. Dance with it on. Will fit most size heads. We have one piece currrently in stock which can ship immediately. Once sold, normal shipping time is 2-3 weeks.

Price: $ 349.99 plus shipping & handling

Item Name: CH1HDR2
Oversized Headdress with large feathers and ornaments.
Price: $349.99

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