Made By The Creators Of The "Real Doll" Love Doll
So realistic that the piece even has "beauty marks."

A small size client will have a chest measurement of no more than 34 under the nipple, and weigh less than approximately 140lb.

A medium client will have a chest measurement of approximately 36 under the nipple, and weigh between 140lb and 160lb.

A large client will have chest measurement up to 38-40" under the nipple, with weight exceeding 160lbs.

100% medical grade silicone, Vanishing Edge for maximum illusion.

Style #1: Designed for a small to medium wearer.
Tailored for petite body size. somewhat perky shape and medium projection. Breast base is small.

Style #2: Designed for small to medium wearer.
Slightly less projection than style 1, but greater breast base size.

Style #3: Designed for medium to large wearer.
Natural looking droop to breasts, full projection, and medium breast base size.

Style #4: Designed for medium to large wearer.
More full shape than style 3, less hang to breast shape, and slightly larger in mass and projection. Large breast base.

Style #5: Designed for larger size wearer.
This style does not have as much projection as style 3 or 4, but features the largest base, for natural coverage of larger chests.

*** These are general guidelines. The breasts will flex and stretch to accommodate different anatomies, and as such, many of the larger sizes can be worn by smaller clients for dramatic results if that is what is desired. However, the smaller sizes will likely not look as natural on larger clients.****
Easy to put on and remove. See instructions below after shopping cart.

Skin colors come as shown from left to right: Fair, Asian, Medium, Tanned and Light African.

Orders are now shipping in 4-6 weeks, plus freight time. However, this may vary slightly depending on the current number of orders for particular sizes and colors, and whether there are customizations to your order. This item is very specialized. We endeavor to expedite delivery!

Introductory Price for Sizes #1 - #3 and our Adhesive Kit: $ 1,199.99 plus shipping and handling.

Introductory Price for Sizes #4 - #5 and our Adhesive Kit: $ 1,299.99 plus shipping and handling.

TO ORDER IN SIZES #1 - #3: Please select skin color and size from pull down bar. Then Click on "Add to Cart" and follow the instructions.


TO ORDER IN SIZES #4 - #5: Please select skin color and size from pull down bar. Then Click on "Add to Cart" and follow the instructions.



It is advised that first the user apply the prosthetic without using adhesive at all, simply to get a feel for the product, and where it should sit on the chest, and how to blend the edges into your own skin.. There are more thin areas around the flange to deal with than the single breasts, so a little more care will be necessary when handling the product.

Once you have familiarized yourself with placing them on yourself several times and then removing them, you can try some adhesive: Again, place the prosthesis onto your chest and find the placement you desire. The back of the piece is tacky enough to hold it in place for this. Skin Tac wipes are great for adding a little stickiness to your chest... (you would prepare your skin with these before applying the form)

For securing the edges, you must work in sections no more than 6" at a time, and it may be easier to do this laying on your back in a comfortable location. Fold the flange back over itself exposing the part that will be against your skin, and apply adhesive. You must WAIT ONE MINUTE for it to dry, and then fold it back over and against your skin. The adhesive is pressure activated, so once you have it where you want it, firmly press into place. Repeat this all the way around the perimeter. It is best to finish the entire top first, since you will need a mirror to do the bottom edges, as your new breasts will block your view! Any visible air bubbles that may be trapped under the prosthesis can either be worked out towards an edge, or carefully released with a pin-- But don't poke too hard or you'll puncture yourself! Tiny holes like this will not damage the product as long as you don't overdo it.

Removal must be done very carefully, never forcefully! It may be easier to lean over, and as you peel the prosthesis off it will fall into your hands. It is important to then use adhesive remover to clean the back of your breasts, followed by a wipe with rubbing alcohol, before putting them back onto the storage form! A sink of water is useful for floating them in and separating any flange areas that may have become bonded to themselves. Remember, patience is the most important aspect of maximizing the life of this product! Becoming impatient and/or forceful can end up damaging the delicate areas of your new breasts.

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