Item: The Feminizing Silicone Padded Girdle

Have you ever wanted to have your lower body look rounder but not take supplements?

Our Padded Girdle is the most advanced, most life-like silicone prosthetic in the world . The prosthetic is life-like in both look and feel.

This prosthetic fits your body so tight and secure that it becomes a worry-free part of your body. This prosthetic is meant to be used under your own clothes. You can even wear it totally exposed under a short skirt! The Padded Girdle adds 2.5" inches to your hips, .75" to each side of your butt cheeks, .5" to the back of your butt cheeks, .5" on the outside and .25" on the inside of each thigh. It thins down to .125" in the crotch and at the openings.

The girdle has a natural bounce to it. It wiggles and jiggles!

Comes with a Texas Catheter Rig to make urination possible.

Sizes: Small: 26" to 30", Medium: 30" to 34" and Large: 34" to 38".
Shipping Time: 4-5 weeks. Skin colors available are Light Caucasian, Medium Caucasian, Latin, African American and Asian.

The girdle is easy to put on. Make sure you have plenty of Baby Powder on your body. Put the girdle on as if you were stepping into a pair of pantyhose.


Retail Price: $ 1,399.99 plus shipping and handling

Sale Price (below manufacturer's price): $ 999.99 plus shipping and handling

ProductID: Feminizing Silicone Padded Girdle
Shipping Time: 4-5 weeks
Price: $999.99
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