Item: Silicone CatSuit

100% Silicone!
100% Seamless!
For Males or Females!
Anatomically correct flesh like silicone skin bodysuit in a perfect female form. This suit is very soft, very strong and very "stretchy", stretching many times its original size without tearing and will rebound to its original form without distortion.
The breast consists of very stretchy outer skin and nipples only, so you can use any size and quality of breast forms on the inside you choose to. 9 great liquid metal colors; blue, silver, white, deep-steel, pink-pearl, bubblegum, copper, bronze and gold.
Height and Weight Parameters Are: From 5'5" tall to 6'10" tall and 135lbs to 245lbs.

Price: $ 1,799.99 plus shipping & handling.
Note: This is a custom piece. Ship time is 3-4 weeks.


PHONE ORDERS: 1-800-299-2185 or 001-2122536299