Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal System

Designed to permanently remove unwanted hair, one hair at a time.
* Achieves professional results without the use of a needle.
* Works on all skin types and hair colors.
* Vector has the same output as professional electrolysis machines
* Removes even the thickest hairs.
* Registered with the FDA (Registration # 9043298).
* Vector can save hundreds of dollars on electrolysis treatments, razors, waxes, and depilatories.
* 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

The Vector (tm) Electrolysis System by Divine Skin is the most advanced personal hair removal system available. It is designed to permanently remove even the thickest unwanted hair. Thanks to Vector, it is now possible to perform professional electrolysis treatments in the privacy of your own home.
Unlike other devices that use radio frequencies and batteries, the Vector uses the process of electrolysis to dissolve the hair follicle with AC power. It is the only personal hair removal system on the market that has the same output as professional electrolysis machines.
The Vector Hair Removal System is so advanced that it achieves professional results without the use of a needle. Tweezers are used to make the procedure safer and less painful. The Vector System removes one hair at a time with the included galvanic tweezers. Clinical studies have shown that the Vector system has equivalent effectiveness to professional needle electrolysis.
The Vector replaces salon visits and you will no longer have to pay $60-$80 per hour for electrolysis sessions. The Vector Electrolysis System comes with the Vector electrolysis machine, patch electrodes, conductivity gel, and galvanic tweezers all for the low price of just $199.95 plus shipping and handling.
Vector is Registered with U.S. Food and Drug Administration Registration # 9043298
The Vector Machine
The amazing Vector machine is only 3" wide, 1 1/2" high, 5" deep and produces same results as professional electrolysis machines that cost thousands of dollars. Now you can perform real electrolysis in your own home without the use of a needle.
The Vector machine also offers other advantages over conventional electrolysis. During conventional electrolysis the patient has to hold a metal rod smeared with gel. With the Vector machine you only apply a resting electrode patch anywhere on the body and continue with the treatment. It is incredibly easy to operate the Vector. There is no reason to shave anymore.
Here is what you get:
* The Vector machine
* 8 resting electrode patches
* 2 oz. supply of high viscosity no-needle conductive gel
* Alligator clip patch cord
* Galvanic tweezers
* 120V AC power cord
This amazing machine will save you hundreds of dollars on electrolysis treatments, razors, depilatories, and waxes!

* Hair removal achieved by the Vector System is irreversible. Please plan carefully the areas that are to be removed
* Please read the user's manual carefully before attempting to use this device
* Do not attempt to exceed the appropriate power level
* Do not use the Vector System if you wear a pacemaker or similar device
* Excessive power applied to any area being treated may result in burns, scabbing, scarring, and other types of permanent skin damage. Please determine safe power levels for your application
* Keep this device and all of its accessories away from children. Any individuals under 18 years of age must use this device under adult supervision
* As with most electrical appliances this device contains "live" electrical parts when plugged in. To reduce the risk of death by electric shock: * Always unplug this device after use
* Do not use or store this device where it can fall or can be pulled in to a tub, toilet, or sink
* Do not use while bathing
* Do not use near or place in water.

Price: $ 229.99 plus shipping & handling.

NOTE: Currently we are not accepting rush orders on this product. Regular shipping time is one week in the U.S.A.

More Information About Electrolysis

Electrolysis - The only proven method

* Conventional Electrolysis
Conventional electrolysis is a process in which a needle is inserted into the hair shaft and then an electrical current is passed through the hair follicle. Although hair itself is dry, below the surface of the skin it is immersed in a watery environment with a high mineral content. The electrical current from the needle causes a chemical reaction and turns the water and salt in the hair follicle into sodium hydroxide (NaOH), which is an extremely corrosive alkali. If you were to put just a drop of pure sodium hydroxide on your skin, it would instantly burn a hole right through. This sodium hydroxide dissolves the hair follicle and the papilla causing a complete and permanent destruction of hair growth. Even though this is a highly effective procedure, it is also has many drawbacks. First of all, the insertion of a needle into the skin over and over again can be quite painful. Treatment with a needle also requires a high degree of skill, the technician must guide the needle very accurately to reach the bottom of the hair follicle. Penetrating the skin with a needle also increases chances of infection. Perhaps most intimidating of all is the cost; electrolysis treatments are on average $60-$100 per hour and require at least one session a week for a period of several months to over a year.

DRAWBACKS: Expensive, Painful, Inconvenient, Risk of Infection.

* Battery Powered Pen-Type Electrolysis
This type of electrolysis device is typically inexpensive and is designed for personal use in the home. It is quite convenient but usually less effective than conventional electrolysis or the Vector System due to its limited battery power. It is also subject to a number of the drawbacks of conventional needle electrolysis such as pain and risk of infection.

DRAWBACKS: Not proven effective due to inadequate power, Painful, Risk of infection.

* Vector Electrolysis - A Better Way!
As it turns out, it is unnecessary to insert a needle to produce sodium hydroxide in the hair follicle. The Vector machine works by simply grasping the hair with tweezers and applying a highly conductive gel with silver chloride. Without the electrically conductive gel this process would not work, as hair cannot conduct electricity. Applying silver chloride gel to the hair above the skin allows electrical current to pass over the non-conductive portion down into the hair follicle. The Vector machine gives you incredible ease of operation and with the same results as regular needle electrolysis! Everyone knows how to use tweezers and you will be able to start using the Vector machine in just minutes! Vector is also registered with the FDA.

DRAWBACKS: Slight pain, One time moderate investment.
Conclusion: Yes, as with anything you purchase, there are some slight drawbacks with the Vector system. However, in reviewing the hair removal methods available, we feel Vector is the best choice for lasting hair removal.

Radio Frequency

Radio frequency devices work on the concept that radio frequency (RF) energy gets transmitted by the electronic tweezers down the hair shaft. RF energy is similar to the energy produced in a microwave which causes a heating effect. The heat will dehydrate and coagulate the hair bulb and the papilla. Unfortunately, hair cannot conduct current and therefore radio frequency (an alternating current) will not move or flow down the hair shaft. There will be no dehydration or coagulation of the hair shaft. There is some heating of the actual hair that is in contact with the tweezers due to friction heat caused by spinning water molecules. Heat can potentially travel down the hair shaft but none of it will actually reach the hair follicle. This is due to the fact that these devices have an FDA assigned frequency of 27.12MHz and a power output of 1.5 Watts. This wattage is so low that it takes 60 seconds of RF energy to increase the temperature of the hair follicle by 2F. Now consider the following; it takes at least 108F to cause any kind of damage to the hair follicle. With the normal body temperature of 98F, you will have to hold each hair for at least 5-6 minutes, one by one, to see any kind of result whatsoever. No one would ever make that kind of a time investment.

DRAWBACKS: Time consuming, Not proven effective due to inadequate power

Laser Hair Removal

While lasers are now a very effective method of hair removal, this method is not permanent and the treatment is very expensive. Here is some additional information you might want to know about lasers:
* Lasers only work on people with very light skin
* Lasers do not work on people with gray, red, or light hair
* Lasers can't be used on sensitive skin
* Laser treatment is very painful
* Lasers can't be used on areas with moles, freckles, or scars

In comparison, treatment with the Vector machine works on any individual is far less painful, and the results are permanent.

DRAWBACKS: Painful, Doesn't work on everyone, Doesn't work on all hair areas
Other Hair Removal Methods Have you tried using all kinds of different gadgets, razors, waxes, depilatories, and magic lotions and still have unwanted hair? The truth is, none of these methods are designed for permanent hair removal and will only leave you disappointed, as well as waste your time. The only proven method of permanent hair removal is electrolysis.

DRAWBACKS: Temporary, Time consuming, Ineffective, Expense adds up quickly over time.